Mining Companies can produce over 30 MEGAWATTS of OFF GRID POWER
by Harnessing EXISTING WATER FLOW Cutting their Power Costs in HALF!

Powering a Mining Operation

Powering a mine is costly and difficult. Depending on aging grids to supply your power is unreliable, using diesel generators is inefficient, and most renewable power options are way to cumbersome and expensive. ClearPower and mining are a perfect fit. Your mine uses and returns millions of gallons of water back to its source every day. The water you are returning down hundreds of feet could easily be converted into an inexpensive sustainable source of power.

The ClearPower Industrial Turbine Generator “M series” is the answer. Using this simple bolt on technology can generate up to 3 megawatts of power per hundred feet of head or more depending on flow volume.


Input the Head and Flow of your mine below to see how much power you could be producing right now!

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