Maximize Your Dams Output

Whether your hydro power dam is operating or not, we can help. ClearPower wants to partner with you to maximize your output, you provide the water, we will provide the power.

Realizing the full energy generation potential of our waterways would have a huge impact on our countries economic future.  Millions of additional jobs can be created by using this underutilized resource.  Let ClearPower help you maximize the value of your resources as part of your next retrofit, upgrade or new installation.

Retrofit and Upgrade

Is your dam running at maximum efficiency and output? Use ClearPower’s site evaluation calculator
to figure out your dams’ full potential. If it isn’t running at full potential, ClearPower wants to be your partner.

We are prepared to retrofit and upgrade your equipment to maximize your power generation at no cost to you.
Sharing your unused resources can bring you added revenue!

Unpowered Dams

Do you or your town have an unpowered dam?  There are tens of thousands of small dams not being used to produce hydropower.  National resources estimate there is potentially enough power in these small dams to power every corner of the earth without ever using any fossil fuel.

ClearPower is always seeking new locations to install hydropower. If you own a dam, we want to be your hydropower partner. ClearPower will obtain the permits, provide the civil engineering, machinery, construction and complete installation. The revenue produced is then shared with the dam owner.

The ClearPower Eco-Flow Solution

ClearPower has developed a solution addressing this market need. Our solution:

clearpowericon Has Automated active control of water release, compensating for pressure variations (reservoir level, debris on intake screen etc)

clearpowericon Goes to ‘safe mode’ at power outage, to ensure eco flow requirements are respected

clearpowericon Prepared for integration with customer’s SCADA

Let us help you harvest the value from your eco-flow.


Harnessing the energy in moving water like never before.

Discover how ClearPower North America can help you reduce your energy costs.

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