Value Proposition

Generating Renewable Electricity

ClearPower is working with industry, utilities and municipalities to help protect our environment, keep American industry competitive and create jobs.  Our new breed of hydropower is a compact, efficient, easily implemented solution that allows us to tap into the underutilized potential of water flowing through gravity fed pipelines to generate clean, renewable energy.  Environmental releases, industrial inflows and outfalls and municipal pressure relief are just a few examples of how we are accomplishing these goals.

For many industries and municipalities electricity is the single largest
input cost. ClearPower can help industry dramatically cut energy costs and remain competitive in a global economy.
Municipalities can provide clean water to their customers
at a fraction of the cost.

Keeping Jobs in America

Realizing the full energy generation potential of our waterways would have a huge impact on our countries economic future. It is estimated that for every megawatt of additional generating capacity 23 jobs can be created in the United States.

Protecting The Environment

The ClearPower solution generates no carbon emissions while running and the waste heat is absorbed by the water flowing through the machine.

Electric Utilities can reduce current emissions or add clean generating capacity with our economical, simple solution.

Harnessing the energy in moving water like never before.

Discover how ClearPower North America can help you reduce your energy costs.

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