ClearPower North America

Harvesting renewable energy from gravity-fed pipelines and water resources.




The ClearPower Solution

ClearPower uses a patented, axial flow, fixed-blade Kaplan turbine with a direct drive, synchronous, permanent magnetized generator (PMG) to convert water flow into a source of sustainable, renewable, low cost electricity.

Energy Solutions that Harness the Untapped Potential
of your Gravity-fed Water Assets

ClearPower’s  innovative technology  harvests energy from water intensive customers, generating renewable electricity
from the water already flowing through their pipelines for intake, waste, treatment and discharge.

Value Proposition

clearpowericon Increase Competitiveness

clearpowericon Create More American Jobs

clearpowericon Protect The Environment

What The Experts Say

“The design of the ClearPower Industrial Turbine Generator has been focused on achieving a simple and robust construction where a governing design trade-off has been to favor simplicity over peak efficiency.  By this approach ClearPower has the potential of opening up for hydropower installations in sites previously not financially viable.”

Egil Opsahl

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