Industrial Energy Recovery

For many companies electricity is one of their largest input costs. ClearPower gives its industrial customers a way to greatly contain energy expenses by generating renewable electricity from the water already flowing through their water intake and outfall pipelines. This renewable energy creates a competitive advantage for customers by helping to provide power for a fraction of their current costs with little to no expense.

Industrial facilities utilize billions of gallons of water every day for processing and cooling functions. The same energy that pushes the water through industrial pipelines (gravity) can now easily be converted into low cost, renewable electricity. Readily available federal, state and local tax incentives can reduce your costs even further.

Many industries use up to a billion gallons
of water everyday. Paper mills, pharmaceutical manufacturers,
data centers and refineries are just a few examples.
ClearPower offers companies a way to mitigate one of the
most expensive components of their input costs…electricity.

Keeping America Strong

By reducing power costs companies can compete more effectively in the global economy,
giving workers more job opportunities here in America.

Although industries are not really “consumers” of water, they all need the power harnessed in the gravity fed flow of water to make their operations work. Our products were designed with this in mind. We convert the part of the water flow your company is not using, the excess pressure, and produce renewable power. Our units can be installed either at the inlet of your water source,
or the outfall as you return it to its source, or both!

Our Value To Your Company

We can provide you with low cost renewable energy generated from your company’s current assets. Our specialized team of engineers and installers will implement the the entire operation seamlessly and transparently at your company’s location.

Our unique proven products convert the excess pressure from the moving water flow in standard pipes into pure green, inexpensive electricity.

Harnessing the energy in moving water like never before.

Discover how ClearPower North America can help you reduce your energy costs.

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