Advantages Of The Turbine Generator

Water infrastructure in the United States is crumbling.  Excess pressure in public water lines in combination with aging pipes and pressure relief valves has created an epidemic of systemic failures.  ClearPower can help you convert these potential points of failure into profit centers by generating renewable energy and using it for internal consumption or selling it back to the grid.

ClearPower gives municipal customers a way to greatly contain energy expenses by generating renewable electricity from the water already flowing through their water intake and outfall pipelines.  Adding the ClearPower Industrial Turbine Generator to your facilities’ outfall pipe transforms the wastewater discharge from a liability, into an asset.

The ClearPower solution is compact, efficient and easy to install and maintain. The same energy that moves the water along (gravity), is easily converted into pure green renewable energy and turns the unnoticed, into an asset. The centuries old method of using “pressure relief valves” (PRV’s) and wasting that energy is outdated, and inefficient.

How Much is Your Flow Worth?

National Public Works reports that wastewater treatment plants serve 189.7 million people
and treat 32.1 billion gallons of water every day. Electricity is the single largest expense for wastewater facilities,
it often represents over 40% of a water utility’s annual operating budget.

ClearPower can provide municipalities with an opportunity to save enormous amounts of electrical expense,
reduce carbon emissions and reduce electrical expenses by making use of
their existing water infrastructure to generate low cost renewable energy.


Now the water that is used to produce our food can also be used to produce gigawatts of electricity. The ClearPower ITG is ready to be used in large, agricultural water pipelines to generate off grid power. Our solution is ideal for use where agricultural regions are converting open canals to pipes or where any closed conduits are moving irrigation water. As the demand for both water and electricity continue to grow, ClearPower can provide an easy solution for harnessing the untapped energy potential of flowing water to produce sustainable, lower cost electricity.

Harnessing the energy in moving water like never before.

Discover how ClearPower North America can help you reduce your energy costs.

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