As utilities, municipalities and industries see increasing costs of electricity there is increasing pressure to hold down or reduce those costs. By partnering with ClearPower,  utilities, municipalities and industries can help  reduce energy costs with it advanced technology.

Will Electric Utilities Embrace the Paradigm Shift?

November 18, 2016

The electric utility industry is currently in the midst of a major paradigm shift that could arguably be classified as one of the most important industry transitions of the 21st century. Successful paradigm shifts usually begin slowly and take time to gain momentum, but eventually there is a tipping point. The tell-tale indicator of a tipping point is credible market competition. If one takes an objective look at the trends over the last decade in financial and energy generation markets, public policy, and the evolution of the consumer, it is clear that material competition not only exists but is also growing rapidly. We will explore three facets of this paradigm shift, namely the evolution of the energy ecosystem, the energy consumer, and the utility mindset.

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