ROI and Green Energy

Green Energy Makes Dollars and Sense

ClearPower gives its industry and municipal customers a way to greatly contain energy expenses by generating renewable electricity from the water already flowing through their water intake and outfall pipelines.


Industrial facilities utilize billions of gallons of water every day for processing and cooling functions. The same energy that pushes the water through industrial pipelines (gravity) can now easily be converted into pure green renewable electricity. Along with enjoying a large discount on electricity your company is already buying, local and Federal incentives are readily available for renewable energy generation.


National Public Works reports that wastewater treatment plants serve 189.7 million people and treat 32.1 billion gallons of water every day. Electricity is the single largest expense for wastewater facilities, it often represents over 40% of a water utility’s annual operating budget. ClearPower can provide municipalities with an opportunity to save enormous amounts of electrical expense, reduce carbon emissions and reduce reliance on grid-based power by making simple use of their existing water infrastructure to generate low cost renewable energy.


Industries and Municpalities are under constant pressure to save money. By partnering with ClearPower these entities can take advantage of lowered energy costs and get renewable, sustainable energy for years to come.